Featured Volunteer Projects. There are a huge amount of opportunities to volunteer at around the world. EarthsHands has partnered with some of the most trusted conservation projects that we have first hand experience with. These are a selection of projects that we have featured on the EarthsHands website.

You can travel and volunteer in different countries around the world including, but not exclusive to, Australia, South Africa, Thailand, and Sri Lanka to name a few.

Take a look at the featured Volunteer Projects that we have on offer to start your journey. We are continuously adding new destinations with different opportunities to get involved working as a volunteer in different conservation projects.

EarthsHands provides opportunities in conservation projects which include marine research, wildlife care, and habitat redevelopment. There are also many opportunities to teach English to the communities that you volunteer in. Teaching English is also a valuable tool and skill set for you to develop while you take your eco tourism adventure.