About EarthsHands

EarthsHands was started in 2019 by Jonathan Daunt. After volunteering around the world in many areas, on conservation and construction projects, Jonathan wanted to start his own volunteering tourism business that was fully transparent for all volunteers. EarthsHands projects were chosen by Jonathan himself and a group of passionate volunteers that he has met along his travels to many destinations around the world. We wanted to choose projects recommended by volunteers for volunteers

By making positive and beneficial connections with volunteer conservations, EarthsHands provides volunteering opportunities to those who are keen to make a difference.

The purpose of founding EarthsHands was to assist sustainable, environmental and conservation projects that needed financial or manpower support.  We have created partnerships with many organisations that provide opportunities for international volunteers to make a difference. Our list of projects and partners is always growing.

Our goal is for you to go abroad excited and ready to make that difference to those in needs around the world, and a desire to share your experience with others when you return home. BE THE CHANGE!